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Create a event with none-Reminder by action "Office 365 Outlook - create event"

I want to create a event with none-reminder to Office 365 calendar by Microsoft Flow.


None-reminder does not mean 0 min - reminder.

None-reminder mean without any reminder.


and Current "Office 365 Outlook - create event"'s reminder value require integer type,

which cannot set null for none-reminder


My scenario:

1.  When a new event is created on Office 365 calendar,

2. Create a event wih none-reminder on other tenant's Office 365 calendar for block the time.



Yoshihiro Kawabata 

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New Member

I want this too

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We need this too.  An absence calendar that reminds every person in the company when anyone is absent is too bothersome to use.

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Advocate II

Definitely wanted by us!

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Agreed. This would be extremely useful.

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Subscribe. It should be customizable, it's annoying to receive unwanted notifications.

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entering "-1" into the Reminder box will accomplish setting what you desire.
the Reminder will show up as 'None' in the Calendar.



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Setting to -1 causes issues in Outlook.  I can't even open the event.


Works for OWA.

Community Champion

Yes! We need this too! Please add this feature in because I have a lot I could do with this if this gets changed!


I tried -1...First it still pops up a reminder as soon as the flow runs that I have to dismiss and then when I try to open the event in Outlook it has an error there and won't allow it.

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+1 - This is needed!

New Member

Yes please. It's strange that such a basic component in Outlook can't be disabled through Flow.