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Create a event with none-Reminder by action "Office 365 Outlook - create event"

I want to create a event with none-reminder to Office 365 calendar by Microsoft Flow.


None-reminder does not mean 0 min - reminder.

None-reminder mean without any reminder.


and Current "Office 365 Outlook - create event"'s reminder value require integer type,

which cannot set null for none-reminder


My scenario:

1.  When a new event is created on Office 365 calendar,

2. Create a event wih none-reminder on other tenant's Office 365 calendar for block the time.



Yoshihiro Kawabata 

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Flow has definitely helped automate many calendar functions at our institution.   However, any automatic calendar events that get created by Flow are required to have some time of reminder set which then reminds me of every calendar event, since I'm considered the organizer of the event.  I would like to default these reminders to "none"

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Please help enable this function across Office 365 calendar types as well as Google Calendar types.  There should be a way to have no reminder or no alerts on an item. 


As an aside, a flow that read a calendar, looked for certain keywords and then removed / scrubbed off reminders / alerts would also be helpful. 


This is a hot topic and every 30 minutes or so, I get "reminded" this is not currently enabled and kindof a baseline request.  The "-1" issue described earlier is, as was already stated, an error and causes problems.

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Use case: (1) team A uses a group calendar for easy resourcing review (PTO, team events, etc.) (2) when a new event is added to team A's calendar with 'PTO' in the subject Flow sends out a separate meeting invite to a larger stakeholder group consisting of multiple teams but with the value show as = 'free'


The ability to have the automated meeting go out to the stakeholder group so they can have the PTO events on their personal calendar saves them looking in other locations and removes the need for each individual to send out two separate meetings, but the lack of ability to set the reminder = 'none' is definitely a nuisance and a frequent complaint.

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Just tried making a flow and am extremely annoyed that this is still not fixed. 

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Yes.  I just ran into this today and would like to do this.

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bump, still a thing

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This would be an amazing feature to have! 

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Is this really not possible?

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It would be fantastic if we set the "isReminderOn" to  false , then the "reminder" field should no longer ask for an integer.




As per the JSON, this is kind of happening but when the event is created it still has the 15min default reminder


"body": {
"subject": "USERWFH @{formatDateTime(triggerBody()['date'],'MM/dd/yyyy')}",
"start": "@{triggerBody()['date']}T12:00:00",
"end": "@{triggerBody()['date']}T12:00:00",
"timeZone": "(UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest",
"requiredAttendees": "",
"isAllDay": true,
"isReminderOn": false,
"showAs": "free",
"responseRequested": false

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As an ugly hack in the mean time, you can set the reminder value to 2628000, which is 5 years. Since it's most likely in the past, it shouldn't pop up. Also, most calendar software will ignore such a long value and simply revert to "None".