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Create a event with none-Reminder by action "Office 365 Outlook - create event"

I want to create a event with none-reminder to Office 365 calendar by Microsoft Flow.


None-reminder does not mean 0 min - reminder.

None-reminder mean without any reminder.


and Current "Office 365 Outlook - create event"'s reminder value require integer type,

which cannot set null for none-reminder


My scenario:

1.  When a new event is created on Office 365 calendar,

2. Create a event wih none-reminder on other tenant's Office 365 calendar for block the time.



Yoshihiro Kawabata 

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I just tried the "Is Reminder On" through several iterations on a test flow and it is not working as expected. So I have reached out to support to have them troubleshoot. I will let folks know what transpires from that exchange as I feel this property is the right one to fix this issue.


That said, I like @hboisvert's "hack" as well. 😀

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Tried @hboisvert hack on my flow. As soon as the item was created, I got a notification of that item as it was made in Outlook client from Office 365.

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I'm facing the same issue. I set the "Is reminder on" to false but unfortunately, all my events have 15 minutes reminder 😕 This is a pain as one of my objectives to automate is to get rid of many unnecessary reminders I have at the moment in my calendar.

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It is annoying for flow owners to receive unwanted notifications. This bug should have been fixed by now.

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I had this same issue and my solution was to add an additional step after "create event" to "update event."  The "update event" step allows you to set reminder to "none."  


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We need this desperately! Setting this up for vacation requests and managers don't want reminders set for their calendars.

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September 2020 and it is still hasn't been solved....

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Just use UpdateEvent after creating a event. In UpdateEvent you can set reminder to None.

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Creating an Event with optional attendees with no response selected does not work, Tried creating the event then updating it with the optional attendees with no response selected as well. It will show a reminder on the optional attendees calendar. It will not show on the Calendar of who created the Power Automate but everybody else it will.


The Use Case, we use a SharePoint Calendar to put our PTO on, The PowerAutomate will send it to a Shared Calendar, Requestor's Calendar and ultimately the Supervisor's Calendar. The ask is to put it on the Supervisor's Calendar without requiring a response and no reminder.