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Create a flow which extracts Forms results in excel and sends to selected users

I want the ability to automate an email that sends the collected Form results in excel to other users in the business. Currently the only way I can see to share these results is by creating a Flow which populates a SP list or notifies a Teams site or by me doing this manually.

I want the ability to send all the collected results from the Form via email without me having to download and send e.g. so others can have access to the results as they are collected on a weekly basis.

Having a flow for this would help greatly for when I am out of the office or forget to distribute the results - we need them to be issued in excel as the results are input into PBI report dashboard and analysed in various other ways by multiple people in the business. Posting the Form results within Teams so they are visible is not suitable as the users requiring the data are split across multiple Teams. 

Status: New