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Create a new excel workbook

Can we create a new Excel workbook based off of a Excel template similar to what Google Forms Publisher does once a form is submitted.  

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Unfortunatly no.

Not really sure why !!!

you can add, delete, update rows and columns, create new sheets but not new workbooks.

Unless you buy a 3rd party connector @plumsail and triger it from there.


Sometimes it seems Microsoft blocks Tier A developments in order to allow 3rd parties to sell at customer expense. Excel is from Microsoft and what they're telling us is to "please purchase a 3rd party" to manage our products.

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I also need this functionality and my customer is not ready to buy a third-party solution. So I think the only way is I should go with the non-flow solution.

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I agree with the request.  In the meantime, could you copy a file (in this case an already created workbook that acts as a template, but is really just a file) in sharepoint using the sharepoint connector, and then use that copy as your target?