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Create a repeat or loop feature in UI Flow.

I wrote a simple flow to Open a website, click on select all users and then delete. I couldn't figure out how to repeat this flow as I had to do this 30x to complete. It would be nice if after I manually repeated the UI Flow, a suggestion popped up with a solution on how I can loop this flow. Very simple and very useful way for non developers like myself to be able to become more confident in using flow in our everyday needs!

Status: New

Hi @Jinnie ,


Just to be sure to fully understand your issue/suggestion here: You recorded a UI Flow to automate one of your process and you had to repeat multiple time to fully do your process (deleting all users). And you would have been notified during this process that you can do a loop here to avoid having to manually repeat the run of your UI Flow, is that right!


Indeed, having this kind of suggestion could be very helpful for non developer !


@nvigne , 


That's right! Thank you for further clarifying!