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Create a trigger for SharePoint list columns

It would be nice to have a trigger if a certain column in a SharePoint list is modified. For example, if the column "Status" is modified, or if the column "Assigned To" is populated. So we don't have to use the trigger "When an item is created or modified", where you have to create a lot of workaround conditions just to make sure that the column that was updated is what you need. 

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Hi all,


We understand the pain points expressed here, and we are currently investigating options in building granular flow triggers for item updates and column changes in SharePoint.


We respectfully ask for your continued patience on this topic for the remainder of this calendar year. We are committed to a viable solution for our customers worldwide, and will continue to post updates here as we solidify our plans (which will most likely be early next year). Again, thank you for your patience, and your feedback on Microsoft Flow integrations with SharePoint.



Chakkaradeep (Chaks)

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Agreed! The "When an item is created or modified" is triggered too often. I work around this by creating a condition, but the flow is firing constantly and wastes far too many of my allotted flows per month. I want to be able to trigger a flow when more specific criteria within a library is met.

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I think you missed the thread headline, the problem is with SHP lists, not documents library, the workaround mentioned in is about document libraries not SHP lists.


Correct me If I am wrong, I would love to be wrong 🙂 as I need this too...


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"There are also solutions possible where you can trigger on a single field {...}."


What are those solutions? That is what I need.

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Je confirme que c'est aussi mon besoin pour faire des flux dignes de ce noms sur les listes SharePoint.



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I voted!


Please be a lad and vote my idea, to increase the approval timeout (or just general timeout) of flows to MORE THAN 30 DAYS!!


I'm at 155 votes, more is better.