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Create a trigger for SharePoint list columns

It would be nice to have a trigger if a certain column in a SharePoint list is modified. For example, if the column "Status" is modified, or if the column "Assigned To" is populated. So we don't have to use the trigger "When an item is created or modified", where you have to create a lot of workaround conditions just to make sure that the column that was updated is what you need. 

Status: Completed

Hi all,


Happy to update that this feature is now rolled out to and available for use. The documentation is updated as well:

For more info about how to use this action, see this tutorial: Introducing 'when an item or file modified' trigger and 'Get changes' action


Thank you all for the feedback and please let us know if you have any questions.




Helper II

Yes please.  I'm working on a flow right now with an assigned column and want flow to kick off an email based on the person in that assigned column.  The column values can change in the assign to, however I don't want the flow to kick off every time the item is updated as the item is constantly updated with notes.


Only fire a flow on a set property would be of massive value as we have so many different business cases for that.

Advocate I

Very much need this.

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Yes please we need this!! All my flows are triggering when I only want one to trigger!

Regular Visitor

Particulary for when using assigned to fields, when changing the assigned to user we would like to send an email/notification to the new assigned to person

Advocate I

I agree.   This is one of the features that will determine if we can do our development project using sharepoint.



Of course this is possible There are even better ways. The solution in the article that you referenced also runs when other fields are updated (Of course the flow doesn't do anything but it still runs).


There are also solutions possible where you can trigger on a single field, but justa plain setting in the trigger would be great.

Advocate I

Would be great to have that!

New Member

I will also cast my vote for such a trigger...

Not applicable

yes....this is my #1 need