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Create and Update SharePoint List Item Properties

Please implement an action to create and update Properties on an Item in a SharePoint List.


For example - when using a PowerApp and Flow to create and update items in a list, I would like to assign values to the property columns like Modified By, instead of having the credentials for the SharePoint Flow actions being populated in the Modified By column.


SharePoint List Properties.jpg


Status: New
Helper II

As work around, you can set the List/Library name to a workflow variable or compose output. As a result in stead of get all the fields you get only 1 field: Item. Within you can specify columns (internal name) and their value as JSON. You change the Created by (Author) and/or Modified by (Editor) by specifying the claims token or email address in the Claims token:

   "Editor": {
     "Claims": "<claim token or email address>"