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Create attachments and list attachments from SharePoint Online List Item

Today I have an incident management system built out of a SharePoint Online list. My users would like to interact with the system via email in addition to the web interface.


To achieve this we need two features not incldued out of the box in SharePoint Online. Create a new SharePoint Online List item with attachments from an email.  Send an email with attachments from a SharePoint List item.


Flow Actions requested:

  • Create file in a SharePoint List item.
  • List files in a SharePoint list item
  • Attach files from SharePoint List item in email


Status: Completed
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@Anonymous- That worked like magic and thanks a lot for this suggestion.


I think a lot of threads around this can now be closed.


Once gain thanks for your help.




This seems to fail if the attachment is an eml message. I posted this to the bug forum

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Interesting, I didn't encounter that issue. Does a .Msg file work? Might be a similar issue?

Does the 'sharepoint get attachments' action identify the filename before you try and get the file content?
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Hey @jrosen I've just checked my flows and it seems to be working fine with .eml files. I've got a flow configured to detect an email with the subject '123' which then creates a list item with the email as an attachment and then send me the .eml file as an attachment in another email and this works fine. If you can put up some screenshot of your Flow I'll see if I can spot anything different to mine.

after a lot of playing with this - its not an EML that fails.  If you use Outlook to create a new message, then insert Outlook Item, choose any email.  When you receive it, it should be an "outlook item" and show an envelope - not an EML file.  I had two others try it, and both agree this seems to be a bug as it doesnt work. (the same flow works fine with eml, or pretty much any other attachment.)  I submitted this as a bug as well.

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Status changed to: Completed