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Create attachments and list attachments from SharePoint Online List Item

Today I have an incident management system built out of a SharePoint Online list. My users would like to interact with the system via email in addition to the web interface.


To achieve this we need two features not incldued out of the box in SharePoint Online. Create a new SharePoint Online List item with attachments from an email.  Send an email with attachments from a SharePoint List item.


Flow Actions requested:

  • Create file in a SharePoint List item.
  • List files in a SharePoint list item
  • Attach files from SharePoint List item in email


Status: Completed
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Can't unsterstand how Attach Files to Sharepoint List Action is not an option within Flows.  Seems quite fundemental.  Please add.

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Status changed to: Planned
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Any news on this? i could really use this feature!

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Has the Attachment to emails files in MS Flow been added yet.  This is a show stopper for most of the Flows i need to create.

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Status changed to: Started
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Great news this is now started! I dont suppose any one might have an opinion on the average time from 'started' to 'complete'? 🙂

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Since it has been 3 months, any news on this? 

Without the possibility to attach files to lists, flow is unusable for us. ETA would be nice.

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Hey @Lampone , I've been using the functionality in Flow for some time now, check out the sharepoint attachment actions in there. I think it'll do most of what you need.




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@AnonymousIt looks like you might be referring to the get attachment action which looks at the document library. That works only with document library, however the concern here is to pick up attachments from a list where a document might be added as an attachment


Do let us know if you might be referring to a different method or action.


Thx, Leejoh


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Hi @Leejoh_Mathew, just to clarify, the recently added 'sharepoint get attachments' action will provide a list of files attached to a list item and then the 'sharepoit get attachment content' will allow you to interact with the content of the files, i.e. to send them as an attachment on an email.


There is also the 'Sharepoint add attachment' action which looks like it'll add an attachment (say from an email) to a sharepoint list item. I've not used this one yet but it looks straight forward.


hth, let me know if you're still stuck,