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Create events in another persons calendar

I've read a couple posts that indicate I cannot create a flow that will create an event in another user's calendar. This is one example of how I would use that feature:


  • Recurrence (every 1 min) --> get rows from sql
    • filtered based on column (column=0)
    • one of the columns is an email address of a user within the O365 tenant
    • all information for the calendar event is included in the row(s) returned
  • Perform task on each row returned
    • Send calendar event email to the recipient email address
    • Update filter column in sql based on unique id of row (column=1)
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Regular Visitor

Yes please, this is exactly what I need to automate reminders across my tenant from a SQL database

New Member

This would be great, but for me would be enough to create an event on the default calendar of the Flow "executor".

Advocate I

Also Shared Mailbox Calendars too Please!