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Create file from template based on a content type (SharePoint Online)

Hi Team, 


There are many discussions about this topic, but there is no solution for this.


It would be great if "Create file" action for SharePoint will allow defining a content type and fields which will eventually generate a document based on a template associated with the content type. 

Now it requires 'File content' which is actually not a creating but rather copying action.



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Yep, this something I'm also looking for. It would be even good if there was the possibility to create a file based on the template which is set in the sharepoint library.

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I've also been attempting this recently... has there been any developments?

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Would be good if we could create any type of content type, not just files. A library might be set up with specific folder content types or even document sets. Hence it would be good to be able to trigger the creation of any of these. Specifically I am needing this now for creating a document set and moving a file into it if a person uploads a document outside of a document set.

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Any update on this Microsoft? We have a status reporting library with a handful of different content types and document templates for the various reports we do and we'd like to automate the creation of these files on a weekly/monthly basis. 

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Any update on this one from Microsoft? Our clients have to use alternative solution if we cannot achieve this using Office 365 / SharePoint Online. 

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If SharePoint 2010 Workflows can do it...

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I'm extremely upset about this major functionality missing, espsecially since it was working fine for years on prem with SP designer, Nintex, etc...


The ability to programatically create a document based on a content type and fill out fields is the core basis of the solutoin I pitched to the organization.  Now, finding out this native functionatliy now longer works (and was reported back in 2016) is just depressing... 😞

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Please note that it is possible to achieve:

  1. Create a site content type or even a content type from the content type hub and add it as a content type to a library. This will be de "template management library"
  2. Create a library where users will work with the end result and add the content type also here
  3. Create a Flow
    1. that gets the content of the template document with the Content Type Inferred
    2. that creates a fresh document in the destination library
    3. that updates the properties of the fresh document with the data that you want

Mine looks like:


(in my scenario I create multiple documents in an Apply-To-Each step so never mind the names I gave)

From a what-we-are-use-to-build-workflow-point-of-view this may be an hassle because it used to be an easy step in a workflow... BUT never reusable in a useful way and never outside the scope of your site right?


From a management-point-of-view this new way is an improvement because you can delegate the management of the template by giving permissions to the template library or even the template document --> in a library with versioning history this is another big improvement. The Flow will always get the latest version!


From a re-usability-point-of-view this is definitely an improvement because Flows can look further than that one SharePoint Site and more usefully be exported/imported. Document Templates in this way can also be used in multiple other Sites (Collections) by multiple Flows.

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Hi Django, I can't make it work.. Looking at your example above. Added action "Set variable" - Name is missing and it doesn't allow me to add or type.

Set variable - name field is missing.png


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Hi @Dannyboy,

Did you initialise the variable first?