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Create files directory in new channel/channel's directory in Microsoft Teams

On a project I am working on, we have a fixed file structure for every channel in Microsoft Teams.  Some of these directories are nested within others, albeit in our case only once.  It would be useful to have an automation option that generally went:


"team":"myTeamName", //the name of the team to create this folder in
"channel":"myChannelName", //the name of the channel within that team to create the folder in
"directoryName":"myNewDirectoryName", //the name of the new folder
"directoryPath":"/", // OR "/design_assets/" the path of the new folder
"createNewDirectories":false //should teams create new folders to match the directoryPath structure if they don't exist already

This would be useful as opposed to just creating the channel and then having to manually create the file structure.  In our case, at least, new channels that were autogenerated would have several relevant directories premade before being touched by a manager.


Status: New