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Create flow using "Send as" by person’s email in "Created By" not by a common account

I have a flow that simply sends out an email to all users in my organization.

Users can choose from 5 types of emails which are formatted in HTML through advanced settings. Therefore, the flow branches into 5 choices and a different email is sent depending on what they choose. (IT Alert, General Alert, etc...) 


The emails kicks off but it always shows it is coming from me and I want it to show it is coming from the originator of the email or created by, not me.


If I add anyone to the “Send As” field under advanced settings it fails. The fail message I get indicates, “You are not authorized to send mail on behalf of the specified sending account..." which is fine, I get that the users cannot send mail as if they are me, but they should be able to send the notifications out if they are them.

MS Flow kicks off emails from the person that created the workflow. 


REQUEST: I would like to see MS Flow to kick off based on a value of a field, preferably "Created By" not contingent on Active Directory settings.

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I have exactly the same issue, Any Update

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Hi Jay,

I'm trying to get with MSFT now on this again as even the fix of creating a new account is not working for some reason with shared email settings. This is silly and should work as I detailed. Invite others to vote on the idea is the best way to do it apparently. Thanks for the inquiry, have a nice day.

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I am having this exact issue and can find no workaround at all. Anyone else have any luck with this? 

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I didnt find a workaround for this, what I end up doing was asking my System administrator for a Global Email for those users and use that email as the "Send As" and in the text of the email I use the dinamic tool to show the name and email of the person that made the change. So the email seems to be generic but the text shows who made the change. 


Hope this helps.

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@Anonymous, @jaysomrivera@ebhunter


Try and put a semi colon ( ; ) at the end of the email.


Example ---;


Worked for me! ^^


Hope it helps!

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I am having the same issue, Still do not know how to solve it? 

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@Sandritto, Is that email From Shows send as given email id?

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Hi @Subrahmanyam,


I don't understand what you're trying to say. 

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Same issue - In my flow, send email step always sends email with from address as me (since I am the owner of the flow), it should be a dynamic  field that give us an option to select the creator name or  it should have static element that says the emails are sent from MS Flow not the owner.



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Still, the issue exists, in fact from address is disappeared from send email action.. Any suggestions 🙂