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Create flow using "Send as" by person’s email in "Created By" not by a common account

I have a flow that simply sends out an email to all users in my organization.

Users can choose from 5 types of emails which are formatted in HTML through advanced settings. Therefore, the flow branches into 5 choices and a different email is sent depending on what they choose. (IT Alert, General Alert, etc...) 


The emails kicks off but it always shows it is coming from me and I want it to show it is coming from the originator of the email or created by, not me.


If I add anyone to the “Send As” field under advanced settings it fails. The fail message I get indicates, “You are not authorized to send mail on behalf of the specified sending account..." which is fine, I get that the users cannot send mail as if they are me, but they should be able to send the notifications out if they are them.

MS Flow kicks off emails from the person that created the workflow. 


REQUEST: I would like to see MS Flow to kick off based on a value of a field, preferably "Created By" not contingent on Active Directory settings.

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Adding the semicolon after the user email will prevent the error, but the email that comes to your inbox will be showing the workflow creator as the 'from address".. Terrible design. Why even offer the "Send from" field in the email step if every email is generated from the creator account????

I have the simplest workflow step. send email when item in the list is modified...and having issues with this? Strange, Microsoft. Very, very strange.

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Even I am facing the same issue. Even after giving proper email address followed by semicolon; I still get email from the owner of the flow. Let us know if there is any work around soon. Or if we can the change the outlook connection dynamically before sending email.

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The ";" solution mentioned by Sandritto worked! ... thanks a lot!

Helper III

Can we see a screenshot of that?  I enter with the semicolon and see no change.  E-mails say they're coming from the flow owner instead of from the crmservice account:


Annotation 2020-06-12 145336.jpg