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Create individual tasks from Power Automate in connected SharePoint List

Our flow is connected to 1 SharePoint library and 2 lists. When a flow is started from a document in the library, the tasks are sent in parallel and an entry is created in the first list which is a reminder task for all of the assigned to personnel. Currently, there is no way to create an individual line for each assigned to personnel; it is only 1 line with all assigned to personnel. We have an attached web part that is personalized with the [Me] filter but it is not very useful since the task is for all assigned to personnel, instead of just one. SharePoint Designer had the ability to create individual entries in this SharePoint list.


These individual task entries in the list would also allow for easier tracking of who has completed their task and who has not. The status of the single entry does not change until all assigned to personnel have completed their task.

Status: New