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Create list item in folder


It'll be interesting to have an action to create a SharePoint list item in a specific folder.


Ex: We have two lists called Employee List and Employee Contents List both with folders (ex: Departments). Whenever a new item is created in Employee List, an item will be created in Employee Contents List in the same folder of Employee List.
New Employee in the Finances folder in the Employee List and a new item created in Finances folder to the Employee Contents List.


Thank you.

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Hi folks,


I noticed that this idea is getting a bit of interest recently.  @Expiscornovus posted a solution to this problem back in December 2020 using the SharePoint HTTP API  - see here - worth exploring.





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Hi Damien,


Why can't this be a simple option in the same way as it is for documents in libraries. 


Having to use a SharePoint HTTP API makes the process complex when it should be simple.