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Create sharing link for a file or folder in SharePoint for specific people



Currently in the Microsoft Flow 'Create sharing link for a file or folder' the Link Scope field only has the following options:

- Anyone with the link, including anonymous

- People in your organization


Please also add the following option which is available in SharePoint and OneDrive:

- Specific people


We really need to be able to create a sharing link just for specific people.

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@David_Nguyen ,


I tried it about 20 mins ago - set the link expiration to be 2 minutes after the link was created. I tested before and after the 2 minutes were up, using incognito windows, and both times I could still access the share and the files.


My HTTP Requests specify linkKind 6 (Flexible) and Role 1 (View) - were you using the same settings when you tested?


The Inputs from the flow run:



However, a review of the Output reveals a null expiration date:

  "d": {
    "ShareLink": {
      "__metadata": {
        "type": "SP.Sharing.ShareLinkResponse"
      "sharingLinkInfo": {
        "__metadata": {
          "type": "SP.SharingLinkInfo"
        "AllowsAnonymousAccess": false,
        "ApplicationId": null,
        "BlocksDownload": false,
        "Created": "2020-04-08T10:10:53.566Z",
        "CreatedBy": {
          "__metadata": {
            "type": "SP.Sharing.Principal"
          "email": "",
          "expiration": null,
          "id": 6,
          "isActive": true,
          "isExternal": false,
          "jobTitle": null,


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Hi David! Thanks so much for your solution! Would you know how I can delete a shared link using the API as well? This would be super helpful for me!


Thanks again! 




You can delete the link with UnshareLink request


I use the Parse Json to Parse ShareID from createlink action. Then I delay 3 days so that receiver can access the file with the link. Then delete the link

 @adriaanvw This is also a good method for the expiration date.


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Thank you @David_Nguyen - will give this a try

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ThankYou! I have been searching all night for this!


I will try it in the morning!


Thanks mate! Legend!

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Hi David - that worked great! Thank-you! Follow up question - Do you know how I can set the "BlocksDownload" property to true? I can't seem to find any documentation on any of these api calls.


Thanks again!! 


@kerridge23 These are from my knowledge, just public in this thread now :)))

 Role: 7 will block it. 


"linkKind":"6", //6: specific,7: external
"role":"7", // 2:can edit, 1: can view, 7: block download


@adriaanvw My output has Expiration.



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You are a bloody genius!! 


Thank-You so much mate! 


I owe you a beer!

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Needs the additional features of :

Specific people


Thanks so much!!

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Ideally the same options should be available as offered by SharePoint, so not only specific people but also the option to allow "People with existing access" - otherwise there is no way to allow Azure AD Guest/External users who already have permission to the location to be able to use the link, without allowing Anonymous sharing which would be against many security policies:


  • Anyone with the link (previously called "anonymous access" or "shareable")
  • People in your organization with the link
  • People with existing access
  • Specific people