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Create sharing link for a file or folder in SharePoint for specific people



Currently in the Microsoft Flow 'Create sharing link for a file or folder' the Link Scope field only has the following options:

- Anyone with the link, including anonymous

- People in your organization


Please also add the following option which is available in SharePoint and OneDrive:

- Specific people


We really need to be able to create a sharing link just for specific people.

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Hi @puszes31 


Share People with existing access means you need to know if the recipients already have the access. 


Then you just need to use the Get File Properties and pass the Full Path to create a link




If you want to share using the SharePoint format, here it is:


Uri: _api/web/Lists(guid'887C029D-25BE-467D-947C-FDF147AD1BA9')/GetItemById(@{triggerBody()?['entity']?['ID']})/ForwardObjectLink

*Guid is the listid.









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I'm agree. This would be too usefull.

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@damiancastaneda  If you look back one page you will see it is done and works.

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Hi @David_Nguyen 


I am also trying to send my own email with folder sharing link to an external email. You provided a workaround using the Sharepoint REST and ShareLink endpoint. Could you provide an example of the body of the request again please? I noticed there's an ObjectId - not sure what to provide for this. thanks

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Still a "new" idea 2.5 years later with 129 votes. 🙄 Why does Power Automate even bother offering to let users enter a "custom value" if it cannot accept custom values in this action? Way to go, Microsoft... wonderful customer experience yet again... 😑





Oh yeah; I forgot. You don't care about customer experience. Silly me.

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Needs the additional features of 

Specific people

block download

Block printing

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I am using trying to use Davids sample above but does not seem to get i right. I get the following error:

The query string "id" is missing or invalid.

Here is my URI:


Here is the body:

Am I missing something in the URI or in body that might be causing this? The site is a modern team site. I have tried with headers in the requst as well. varLibraryID = ID from specific sharepoint documentlibrary that the item is located in. 

Best regards, 

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@David_Nguyen  Hi I got this to work using LinkKind 6 and Role 7 to send a link with view and block download - Linkkind 7 chucks up a badgateway error.

Is there a way to do this so in the Enter Email box a user can specify multiple emails and a link generated for each users email entered 



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I ran into the exact same thought when using the action "Create a sharing link for a file or folder". It feels like it should match share button in SharePoint online to create a consistent experience.



However, I did find a work around using the action "Get File Properties". It allows you to get the link to the file with the existing sharepoint folder permissions applied. See dynamic content "Link to Item" 






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I am very new to power automate. I like to create a link that uses "People with Existing Access" option. It seems like your suggestion does not achieve that. 

If my understanding is correct, is there a way to achieve creating a link that uses "People with Existing Access" option?


Thank you.