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Create sharing link for a file or folder in SharePoint for specific people



Currently in the Microsoft Flow 'Create sharing link for a file or folder' the Link Scope field only has the following options:

- Anyone with the link, including anonymous

- People in your organization


Please also add the following option which is available in SharePoint and OneDrive:

- Specific people


We really need to be able to create a sharing link just for specific people.

Status: New
New Member

I'm agree. This would be too usefull.

Regular Visitor

@damiancastaneda  If you look back one page you will see it is done and works.

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Hi @David_Nguyen 


I am also trying to send my own email with folder sharing link to an external email. You provided a workaround using the Sharepoint REST and ShareLink endpoint. Could you provide an example of the body of the request again please? I noticed there's an ObjectId - not sure what to provide for this. thanks

Helper V

Still a "new" idea 2.5 years later with 129 votes. 🙄 Why does Power Automate even bother offering to let users enter a "custom value" if it cannot accept custom values in this action? Way to go, Microsoft... wonderful customer experience yet again... 😑





Oh yeah; I forgot. You don't care about customer experience. Silly me.