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Create the Function using Microsoft Flow

I want to create the function using Microsoft Flow,

to easy manage more.


My scenario:

- Use the common functions in Microsoft Flow diagram,

- Update the common functions instead of updating each flows.



- Create the functions that have some steps, and parameters,

- Create the Flow using the functions.


Just like the functions in the programming C#

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Example for Flow button

- Create a function with the parameter of color,

- Create Blue,Green,Red Flow buttons using the function with color.


Create easy more, Update easy also


New Member

Simplify the function for setting JSON propertiy if it's nested into arrays of Objects.


Today we need to use something like this:

setProperty(OBJECT, 'itemA', createArray(setProperty(OBJECT['itemA'][0], 'childItemA', createArray(setProperty(OBJECT['itemA'][0]['childItemA'][0], 'childChildItemA', createArray(OBJECT['itemA'][0]['childItemA'][0]['childChildItemA'][0],setProperty(OBJECT['itemA'][0]['childItemA'][0]['childChildItemA'][1], 'text', 'value'),OBJECT['itemA'][0]['childItemA'][0]['childChildItemA'][2]))))))
It showld be more logical and intuitive if could be lilke this:
setProperty(Object, Object[itemA][0][childItemA][0][childChildItemA][1], 'value')