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Create the custom connector for Microsoft Flow by Microsoft Flow

I want to the custom connector for Microsoft Flow by using Microsoft Flow.

for creating a flow more easy, more simple, more managable.



- Create a flow by using Microsoft Flow

- Share the flow as custom connector

- Create a flow by using the custom connector.



- Create a flow using the target products without detail API logics.

- Secure the custom connector with no-http entrypoint.

- Manage the custom connector by Micorosft Flow for create it, update it with no-tool, no-code.





Status: New
New Member

Thanks for the suggestion. Just to make sure we understand your request, let me know if the following summarizes your scenario:

You create a "Purchase Order" Flow, You create another flow called "Verify Customer". Now you want to be able to create a composite Flow "Customer Purchase" that calls "Verify Customer" as step 1 and then if verification succeeds, calls the "Purchase Order" flow. 

Essentially, allowing you to call another flow (as a step) from inside a different flow?