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Cross Entity Business Rule


The fields that can be used to build the business rule are only available from the entity that the business rule is attached to. So there are limitations when we need to access fields/condition from related entities (child/parent entity). To achieve this, we should choose either workflow/plugin/javascript path.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Hi Andre, Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion and we will consider this in our roadmap. Regards, Karan
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Microsoft - Its been two years since this was marked as "resolved". What decision was reached during consideration to add this enhancement to the roadmap? Is there an ETA for when we can expect this feature?
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In addition, please provide an ability to default values from related entities. For example, default phone number on Contact from parent account on change.

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The status of this request shows as "Under Review". When will this be resolved? This feature is very basic and is a must-have if Dynamics 365 has to remain competitive with Please see the form rules engine provided by Resco in their mobile application. It will save tremendous amount of time for developers if those features are made available by Microsoft within Business Rules and Workflows.

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I cannot believe so few people have voted for this! I am even more surprised something so fundamental has not been addressed for so long!! Especially for Model-driven apps, this is a must....!

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Dear Microsoft, this should be basic functionality. And I agree, already implemented. 😄 Or do you suggest some other way to fulfill the need?

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Any update on this?