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Currency and decimal format in Microsoft Flows

I am building an email output where I am retreiving currency, ie formatted as currency in SharePoint.  It would be good to be able to format the "float" to 2 decimal places using workflow definition language.  I have been able to use substring but it fails when the number from the SharePoint list is 0.  It appears that 0 is actually represented as 0.0 and not presenting a second decimal place as integer numbers do.

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the input, we will evaluate this for a future release.

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I posted a temporary solution to round and format a float for currency.


We really, really, really need some number formatting.

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I am wondering why this idea has not a very, very high voting. Perhaps most of the user come from USA. In Germany, it is a pain in the ass to have to convert every single number (decimal point, round numbers, currency, etc.) output. 😞


And I am still wondering, why there is no simple function to round floats. There is a splitt, but nothing to mathematically round numbers.

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I strongly agree. Lack of robust & simple approach to rounding and number formatting is one of the most significant negatives about Flow so far. Currency, %, and common abbreviations (M, MM, k etc.) should be standard rather than requiring torturous workarounds.


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Very badly needed...There are only a handful of data types available for Flow expressions, which adds a lot of complexity to what should be simple flows to populate Word templates.  The currency data type is available in VBA, so not sure why it isn't integrated within the WDL? 


Even Adobe DC's JS console allows me to create a simple for each loop to automatically populate fields with different data types set. In contrast, Word requires the field data type to be Text if using the Word Online connector in Flow. Basically a middleware issue because an SP list has the correct data type and Word has the same data type functionality as SP, yet Flow pulls and outputs as text.

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Serious Issue

I'm producing PDF documenst with Flow, that show currency values. The values been used could have no decimal place or have 1 or 2. But I always need to show 2 decimal places, so that the form looks correct and professional and is readable.


Some of my data comes thorugh PowerQuery in flow ( SQL), but transform in flow does not seem to let you pad out to 2 decimal places, so if my value is 1.3, I want to see 1.30, if it's 1.33 it just shows 1.33


Some of the links here, don't work, as they round down to decimal places.

Plus I have 10-12 values like this, creating varaibles, compose actions and referencing them all is a lot of work for the lack of expression to do this, plus then there's the thousand sperators.... Smiley Frustrated