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Currency and decimal format in Microsoft Flows

I am building an email output where I am retreiving currency, ie formatted as currency in SharePoint.  It would be good to be able to format the "float" to 2 decimal places using workflow definition language.  I have been able to use substring but it fails when the number from the SharePoint list is 0.  It appears that 0 is actually represented as 0.0 and not presenting a second decimal place as integer numbers do.

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the input, we will evaluate this for a future release.

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@bkeano Your solution is in my posted referenced above.

  • rounding, not truncating
  • padding zeroes if needed
  • adding thousands separator
  • works for numbers up to 1 trillion

Good luck!

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Hi @bkeano,


You can use Plumsail Documents to generate your PDFs. Please review the example of PDF generation from the DOCX template. In the DOCX template, you can use format formatter to change the representation of numbers and currencies.


Note: Plumsail Documents is a third party paid connector.

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thanks @degvalentine 

The above sorted for me, had to write a number of compose actions, make the expressions, then test a number of times, worked perfect! Smiley Happy

My flow has lots of levels and the values I wanted to format are all over the place, so just a pity need to spend 2 hours composing new actions to get thousand seperators and correctly formatted numbers where really a simple build in expression would do the jobSmiley Sad


Happy for now! 

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Yes in the workflow definition language there should be function like formatNumber similar to the formatDateTime function that already exists. I can't believe there is no function to format a number.