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Currency and decimal format in Microsoft Flows

I am building an email output where I am retreiving currency, ie formatted as currency in SharePoint.  It would be good to be able to format the "float" to 2 decimal places using workflow definition language.  I have been able to use substring but it fails when the number from the SharePoint list is 0.  It appears that 0 is actually represented as 0.0 and not presenting a second decimal place as integer numbers do.

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the input, we will evaluate this for a future release.


I'm using flow to send my group emails when PowerBI alerts have triggered. The only problem is the lack for formatting available for my number variables. I would like 5000000 is displayed rather than 5,000,000 or 5M. It would be great to add expressions or actions that will format a number to a friendly value.

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HI @Anonymous  follow this post. I did it and post to solution a problem


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Gustavo Moraes

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@gamoraes: Your soultion unfortunately only works when the decimal place are equal or more than 2.

But for numbers like 0, 0.0, 7.8, 0.1 your workaround doesn't work (more than that, it crashes the flow because the substring selection is out of bounds...)


Another problem for me as I'm located in Germany is that we use a comma for the decimal places in currency. This is another thing I have to do by replacing substrings which is pretty annoying.


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Would love this as well :), 

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Yes please!

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It would be nice to provide a function for formatting numbers as thousands i.e. thousand separator to display large amount of money

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Yes is always being requested at my organisation. 

It would make a big difference to how readable the number is 

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I have a SPList, with simple title and some information in  Currency format.

When i use this column in my flow the value is became 1000000 instead of US$ 1.000.000.

I just want to show this value in its original format ( US$ 1.000.000) .


I cant find any clue how to do this...

Do i have to use substring to do this and super complex algorithm to do this ?

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I've tried the Text expression from PowerApps to do the formating in a MS Flow Compose Body, with no luck working in Flow. Adding this support or at least using the same formating of the field in a Sharepoint list.

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Yes my organization is requesting this now.  Please add!