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Currency and decimal format in Microsoft Flows

I am building an email output where I am retreiving currency, ie formatted as currency in SharePoint.  It would be good to be able to format the "float" to 2 decimal places using workflow definition language.  I have been able to use substring but it fails when the number from the SharePoint list is 0.  It appears that 0 is actually represented as 0.0 and not presenting a second decimal place as integer numbers do.

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the input, we will evaluate this for a future release.

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Microsoft needs to hire more resources to work on Power Automate... the speed of the development and large missing logical chunks (like this one, version history, Regex, enable/disable actions) is hurting the adoption into the enterprise and small businesses alike.

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We can format dates, but not numbers? Didn't see that coming...

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Please note the improvements in Power Automate Flows with the Format Number actions which can also be used in Expressions now:

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Thank you, @Django! This works exactly as I had hoped. Combining with other string functions gets me exactly what I needed. 

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I still hope for a much more generalized solution.


If you have a flow with lots of numbers and output them in different mails, then the "simplified-number-formatting" is a very big work of a workaround. It's also very easy to integrate new failures into the flow by choosing values from format-number-nodes in output or on other steps. In your value list you will have the same value, with different names because of different formatting.  Also they are bad to find in actual selection box.

Beside that, every format-number node has to assigned a new name also. 

And you still have to do the formatting with every single number,float,currency,date in the flows which has some outputs.


Better would be generalizes Formatting Settings for having generalized Outputs for,

decimal point, currency, rounding float to specific decimal places, on different levels, like...

- very globally settings (Company globally)

- set in Flow Config (Flow globally)

- set in settings of email-Connector (Email output of this specific used email-Connector-node)

- and/or by having much easier expressions for formatting and output per each value.


I think having combination on "very globally output settings (currency, decimal point, round float)" plus a change of these global settings per simplified new possible expressions, would be the best case.

Of course, as addition, on Flow Config Level could be also good, because you can change output settings on bigger flows with lots of values generally.


And I still miss a very, very simple "rounding" math expression for a value.

Not just for outputs, it is simply missing for general math use. Please implement simple round math expression with option for "decimal places".


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Totally agree with @teqs . Just give us a function for the formula editor and everyone is happy 😉