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Customising body of approval email


As we know in the approval email there is more text than we want.

flow.JPGHere the text in the box is not from the users side.Its from the flow only.But if anyone wants to remove this text they cant.

Aslo we need to remove the line below 'Request your input' text 

So please make it possible so that we can use this flow as we want.

Status: Completed

You can now disable the built in email and thus send out a fully customized email with any content you want and buttons / links or whatever presination that can take the user to the approval center. Read more about that here:

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I would love an opportunity to provide feedback in the approval email process. as i understand it i can add a button but cant work out if there is a way to 'reject with reply'.

Level 8

I would like to have the option to change the default wording: 'Request for your input' in the approval email.



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sharepoint - when user send specific document edit permission to manager, manager can receive approval request email and if manager do check yes user can be assigned edit permission by requested documents.


please anyone help me 🙂

Thank you

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I would love to be able to add a custom logo to the approval emails. Maybe it could be done by adding a link / uploading a picture in directly inside the action.


It could replace the Flow-logo. I can imagine a lot of companies would like that.





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I would love to have this option as well. It could provide feedback and context for an approval or rejection to the initiators of a flow. If the flow acknolagment screen had a message box, it could be used to get the feedback text, that way you would not have to retrive the text from an email.