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Customising body of approval email


As we know in the approval email there is more text than we want.

flow.JPGHere the text in the box is not from the users side.Its from the flow only.But if anyone wants to remove this text they cant.

Aslo we need to remove the line below 'Request your input' text 

So please make it possible so that we can use this flow as we want.

Status: Completed

You can now disable the built in email and thus send out a fully customized email with any content you want and buttons / links or whatever presination that can take the user to the approval center. Read more about that here:

Level: Powered On

It would be great if we could turn off or replace the Microsoft Flow logo that appears in the approval emails.

Super User

Great idea. Modify approval form overall would be great


Level: Powered On

I want to change or remove the Flow Logo and Microsoft branding within the Approval email, and add our own company logo so that this email can be personalised.

Level: Powered On

Please allow customizing this email. There are fields that are not only innecessary, but also confuse users (like adding the creator of the flow, who could be someone in IT removed from the actual approval process.

Also, we need to do away with all those "Powered by Microsoft Flow" banners... It makes it look so cheap!

This is not a freeware, but actually something we pay for, so no need for forced publicity.

Thank you.

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned

We plan to allow you to send out your own fully customized emails that can be whatever you'd like.