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Cybozu kintone service

I want to use Cybozu kintone with Microsoft Flow for connecting other services like Microsoft Teams.


Cybozu kintone is application Platform as a Service.


Cybozu kintone have REST API, Webhook.

So, I want to use it easy with other services.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

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New Member

Hi yoshihirok


kintone is not listed in the Microsoft Flow services yet, but there are several ways you can get around this for now. Is there a specific flow that you would like to achieve?

If you would like to place data into kintone, here's an example of adding a new record into kintone.

  1. Create a new blank flow, and choose a service of your choice. For example, "Office 365 Outlook - When a new email arrives".
  2. Make a new step and choose the "HTTP-HTTP" action
  3. Insert the following values for the shown fields:



    Replace [subdomain] with the subdomain that you are currently using with kintone.

     "Content-Type": "application/json",
     "X-Cybozu-API-Token": "[API_TOKEN]"
    Replace [API_TOKEN] with the API token from your kintone application.
    Refer to here on how to create an API token.

     "app": [app_number],
     "record": {
      "[field1]": {
       "value": "[field1value]"
      "[field2]": {
       "value": "[field2value]"
      "[field3]": {
       "value": "[field3value]"
    Replace [field1] with a fieldcode of a field in your app.
    Repkace [field1value] with content that you would want to post into that field. You can insert trigger values (in this case Outlook values) here.
    Do the same for the [field2] [field2value] pair and the [field3] [field3value] pair.
  4. Update your flow.
  5. Wait a few minutes for the flow to update, and then see if this flow works when you receive an email.


For other APIs and methods, you can check the API documents on

Memorable Member

Hi @Aki

Thank you for your detail information for connecting kintone with HTTP.


Yes, Microsoft Flow can use Cybozu kintone with HTTP action.
Someone build flows with this method.


Now, I hope to Cybozu kintone service on Microsoft Flow for end-users, more quick, more easy.
End-users want to build a flow with some services/triggers/actions within 5 minutes without no-learning.


In Japanese:

"サイボウズ kintone を Microsoft Flow で、もっと簡単に使いたい".


Best regards,
Yoshihiro Kawabata