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DLP Data Groups - make it easy to choose all Microsoft Office 365 and/or Azure connections

When I am creating a Data Policy I typcally want to choose all Office 365 and Azure connections into the Business data only group. This is a way for us to say "only allow connections between data residing on our tenant".


(I know that the connections themselves could be configured to connect to a different tenant of course, but at least we would be happy that it is only Microsoft hosted data that can be connected to)


It would be great if it was easy to choose ALL Office 365 connections and add them to the Business only group in one action, and then if required we could individually remove any connections we don't want our Makers to use.


If we try to scroll through all potential connections it is easy to miss out a connection that is for an Office 365 technology that one of our Makers might want to use.


The same for Azure, it would be great to be able to choose "All Azure Connections" in one action.



Status: New