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Debug watch/expression evaluation in run history - for flow actions that involve dynamic values/expressions

Idea: In a run history, when you look at a flow action that involves dynamic values and/or expressions, you should be able to see the evaluated value of those, at the time of running, for debugging/audit/troubleshooting purposes.

If implementing that is unreasonable for all actions of all flows, you should be able to do that at least during test runs, or better, to specify a period that all actions or particular actions log their evaluated expressions.



Currently when you work with flow actions that evaluate dynamic values or expressions, you don't get to see the values of those.

If you're creating/editing the flow, you can add actions (e.g. assign an expression to a variable to see what value the variable gets) to replace watches in debugging IDEs, but that doesn't work when you investigate a flow that was executed in the past via the run history.

(Moreover, editing the actions just for the sake of investigation makes maintenance and troubleshooting complicated, because you wouldn't be able to distinguish if a change was for investigation purpose or was a release of the flow)

Being able to see how the expressions were evaluated can help a lot with debugging, troubleshooting problems or audits.


Status: New