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Decline or Tentative Outlook invites based on scheduled time

I'm hoping we can create more nuanced rules for automatic meeting handling. I work for a US company based in California and I live in Asia. They all like to finish their last meeting by 5pm (6pm for the generous), which means that their last meeting starts at 4pm, which is either 7am or 8am depending on daylight savings. That also means that every meeting with a US-based colleague is schedule for this time or earlier. Which means 6am calls. 5am calls. Etc. 


Now, to their credit, I don't think they do it on purpose, I think it's just kind of mindless. I also think a 6pm call is way less invasive than a 6am call. 


So, what I'd like to be able to do is to create an auto-reject and send a reply to the sender based on the scheduled time.


For example:


  • Meeting invite sent for before 8am or on the weekend (it's still Friday in the US when it's Saturday in Asia).
  • Auto-decline (or tentative) the invite and
  • send a response "This meeting invite is for before **adjustable** 8am ** and I will not be in the office at that time. Please find a time after **8am** local time. 

I would also like to stop changes to meetings that happen while I'm sleeping that are earlier than previously scheduled (this, I guess, is already covered by the previous example and may be too fiddly):


  • A meeting update is received during non-work hours for next work day before work hours. Example, US starts work at midnight Asia time and sends an update to a meeting later in their work day from 8am Asia time to 7am Asia time.
  • Auto-decline the invite
  • Send a response "This meeting change request is being made during a time when email isn't being monitored and the recipient may not receive the updated meeting invite in time to attend."



Status: New