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Delete Existing Yammer Post using Flow


We have an application that posts messages to Yammer group using Flow. It is great. 

But we wanted to have an action to Delete the existing yammer post using Flow. 


This action should have two input fields (Group ID, Message ID). So that corresponding message gets deleted from Yammer. 


Here is my use case:

1. Sender creates an item in SharePoint with an option selected (Make public)

2. Triggers Flow and posts a message on Yammer (specific group)

3. Email sent to a receiver 

4. Receiver can view the Yammer post and decide whether the message should be on Yammer or not. 

5. If receiver decides to delete the post then there will be a button (Make Private) on SharePoint form.

6. Flow should be triggered and deletes the Yammer post. (Ofcourse we will pass the values of groupID and messageID)


The steps 1-3 are implemented. I have to implement the steps 4-6. 


We don't want to use the Yammer API (Lot of things are there). We want to use Flow, which is very easy for us to implement. 

Status: New