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Delete File in Onedrive for Business Trigger

Good Afternoon Everyone, i am sorry if this has already been asked but i cannot seem to find this.  I think we need to have a trigger for when a files is deleted in Onedrive for an action to take place.  I have created a flow that will update the Powerapp PDF view app everytime a new PDF is added to the OneDrive folder.  What i would like to have happen on the flip side is when that pdf is deleted a flow will delete the line item on the excel spreadsheet so the pdf no longer displays in my app.  So with all that being said, have a trigger to do something when an item is deleted from a OneDrive folder would be exctremly helpful.

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I'd also like to get an email or other notification when a file is deleted. Thanks.

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This is a must-have if there is a notification for creation and modification of files why not a trigger or notification on deletion of the files which is very important.

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I can't believe a template for this doesn't exist.  There is one for the regular OneDrive.  Why not for OneDrive for Business?

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This also has a pretty high priority to me, need this trigger asap. 

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Still not possible and no update on this?

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There is a workaround for this.
You can use sharepoint trigger "When a file is deleted"

And provide Link of your OneDrive for Business link in Site Address, Documents in Library and then choose the folder path where you want to create the flow.

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It is four years now since the first post and still no update?


How do i track full scope of file changes if there's no "on delete" trigger?