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Delete a page in OneNote, Action.

There are many delete actions available in Flow.  Please add an option to delete a OneNote page, so that we can trigger a delete OneNote Page or Section when completing another task.  


Compliance or data cleanup feature.


Thank you. 

Status: New
Regular Visitor

Currently I'am working on a archiver flow to move "old" pages to a sperate OneNote document. And now I'am wondering that I could not delete the pages in the source OneNote doc. I can imagine that such a functionality is realy needed for other user too.

Regular Visitor

Right. My use case is that I use a Flow to populate a new OneNote page from the columns of a SharePoint list, which becomes a template for an email to be sent out.  At the close of the day, I would love to schedule a flow to delete the pages of that OneNote since the pages are no longer needed.  


I am sure other users would find this "purge" useful for cleanup, compliance, etc. 

Advocate II

Yes, we also need the functionality to move or to delete OneNote pages or sections to implement an archive flow.