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Delete or Ignore Approval Requests



I've been playing with the new Modern Approvals service - which is awesome, much smarter and easier than the clunky untraceable old one.. 


One issue I came across though, during testing, I had a couple of flows fail due to me playing with parameters (Assigned to etc). These are now stuck in my "Received Requests" screen with no clear way to remove them... Clicking approve/reject results in the window hanging with the spinning dots. 


As far as I can see, there's no way to "delete" or "ignore" a request.... I've tried cancelling the flow, but no joy.


Please can we have a way to delete, ignore, or at least hide requests?? 





Status: Started

This work is already in progress, marking as Started.

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Please add in the delete function in flow dashborad ASAP, I cannot believe MS launch the flow without consider this.

Advocate II

We have just implemented several workflow applications in our organisation but we are struggling to support and administer the system.  This issue is just one of our struggles.
It is nearly 2 years now - can we please get an update?

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 Please @Stephen , can you go ahead with this function? We need this a lot ! Thanks

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I experience the same conern.

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I absolutely support the need to cancel an approval, especially since flows will automatically timeout after 30 days.  Depending on the approval, it could take weeks, or have waiting periods between approval flows, so a Wait for 45 days would never happen because the flow would fail at the 30 day mark.

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@Stephen: Microsoft released a V2 - Version of the approval (canceable). But how is the cancel process working? Or ist this still since may 2018 in "STARTED" progress? If so, the user voice blog is a joke.

Power Automate

@Michi  - yes this is released - the new approvals can be cancelled. We are working on the documentation / blogs right now to announce this. 

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@Stephen Is there any documentation yet on how to cancel v2 approvals?  The documentation says they are "cancelable", but nothing tells us how to.  Thanks

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hihi, any update ?

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You've been working on the blogs for a month and a half? Seriously, what gives?