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Delete or Ignore Approval Requests



I've been playing with the new Modern Approvals service - which is awesome, much smarter and easier than the clunky untraceable old one.. 


One issue I came across though, during testing, I had a couple of flows fail due to me playing with parameters (Assigned to etc). These are now stuck in my "Received Requests" screen with no clear way to remove them... Clicking approve/reject results in the window hanging with the spinning dots. 


As far as I can see, there's no way to "delete" or "ignore" a request.... I've tried cancelling the flow, but no joy.


Please can we have a way to delete, ignore, or at least hide requests?? 





Status: Started

This work is already in progress, marking as Started.

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Any update on this? Hard to believe it takes two months to create documentation.


@mseklec It's possible to do this when you're the sender. IF you're the sender, you will be able to go to the approval center in the Flow Portal, click on sent approvals, select the pending approval and then cancel it. See the image below for the view of the sent approval.cancel-approval.png

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@Laskewitz Thanks for the response. I was actually hoping for a flow action I could use to cancel approvals. When my approval flows timeout, it is not quick or convenient to have to cancel each one manually

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funny i'm not able to tag flow stuff anymore..

besides that, over two years have passed since this was marked "started". How is it possible that flow approvals are still not cancelable within a running flow?

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Hi @Stephen - any news on the action/documentation for this?  I think everyone who has voted for this are expecting to see a new action here for "Cancel an approval" - is this what is being released?Cancel Action.png






You can cancel Flow Approvals through the CDS Connector. I just created a video about it:

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Thanks for the video @Laskewitz !
In my case it is not possible to even manually cancel the request of approval sent, the button is disabled and I get this message:

Do you know why this could be happening? any change that I should do to my approval flow?
thanks in advance.






Canceling only works with the following cases:


  • When you're the person who created the approval and you haven't filled in the requested by field (in this case you will be able to cancel the approval)
  • When you have filled in the requested by field (in this case the person who is added in this field is able to cancel the approval)
  • When you have the Approval Administrator role in the common data service. (you will be able to cancel the approvals with the CDS connector, but you will not be able to cancel through the UI)


I hope this helps.

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I would like a "Cancel an approval" action as well!

(+1 to @viewfile 😀)

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Hi All! Related to this issue, in my case the user has already responded to approval task and this can be seen in the approval sender history as "responded" by approver but it is still showing up in his "received" approvals queue. How to delete orphaned and responded approval tasks in approver received queue?