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Delete or Ignore Approval Requests



I've been playing with the new Modern Approvals service - which is awesome, much smarter and easier than the clunky untraceable old one.. 


One issue I came across though, during testing, I had a couple of flows fail due to me playing with parameters (Assigned to etc). These are now stuck in my "Received Requests" screen with no clear way to remove them... Clicking approve/reject results in the window hanging with the spinning dots. 


As far as I can see, there's no way to "delete" or "ignore" a request.... I've tried cancelling the flow, but no joy.


Please can we have a way to delete, ignore, or at least hide requests?? 





Status: Started

This work is already in progress, marking as Started.


Great suggestion! Would love to see this soon!

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

+1 for delete and ignore, also I would suggest to resend the notif email.


I have the same problem:


Also the ability to see all pending approval for my flows would be helpfull and maybe for a enviroment admin to see all approvalls in administered enviroment no matter who owns the flow.



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Same problem as Kay. Subsequent requests using the same flow, now that it's working, go through fine but I have three requests hanging in my inbox that cannot be processed. Same behavior in the browser and Android app.


It would be great to have an admin delete function for issues such as these. I don't see any need for a user-level delete or ignore, unless they're part of the actual flow, because that would tend to break business logic if those events aren't handled. A 'cancel request' may be useful, but you could just use the Reject option for that in most cases.


Otherwise, really like the service for automating many of our simple document approval transactions.

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+1 for delete and ignore too.


About the failt to open a approval has a topic about this bug


Please see and kudo to report the same problem 




Gustavo Moraes

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Status changed to: Planned
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The same issue. 


It will be also useful if cancel the flow, so this should also cancel or delete all the approvals that had been running with this flow.



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Same issue. Can't cancel errored flow unless you reject or approve request which is inaccurate and very hard to find in history if needed.

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@Stephen First, I wanna thank you for all the work you do here. But it's been a year since that request. Could you please post an update on when it's planned?

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Status changed to: Started

This work is already in progress, marking as Started.

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Having an identical issue where I have a parallel branch;

  • Branch 1 requests for approval
  • Branch 2 checks the sharepoint item via HTTP if already approved from list using a do-until. If so, it terminates the workflow

Expected behaviour

Workflow terminates and approval in parallel branch is cancelled.

Nice to have is to remove the approval request.

This is how WF 4.x workflows would behave


Actual Behaviour

Workflow reaches terminate action but still runs waiting for approval.