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Delete rows actions of Excel Online

I want to delete all rows from Excel Online

for renew all in table on Excel Online


Currently, Excel Online have the action 'Delete a row'.

But, I want to delete all rows and get new data, add rows

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@TheMan . Thanks! Instead of deleting rows within an Apply To Each step, I simply have a SharePoint step to copy a blank sheet (identically named but in a different folder) into the current folder overwriting the current file. I feared there might be a unique identifier other than file name that the flow uses but that doesn't appear to be the case.

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@kyleb350 : oooh, that sounds like an interesting workaround.  You keep a blank template excel file with the table in it already, and just reuse that?

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@kyleb350  Hi there I tried to use "Copy file " from sharepoint , and select the option "replace" if file existing

However it doesn't replace the file at all. the old file is still there