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Deploying a Singular Flow across Multiple SharePoint Sites

We have a large approval flow that we created and we want to use it in many SharePoint Sites. The libraries and lists are all the same structure and are deployed as templates in out tenant. So, with the workflow, rather than using "Save As" and then manually changing many connections to attach it to a new site each time, it would be great if there was a way to use a symbolic so that one flow would work with all the sites you need at the same time. This way, you can make changes in one flow and it is reflected across all sites rather than manually redeploying each copy with each major change. Even trying to attempt this with Logic Apps has been difficult using the template deployments. The template deployments only really work in cases like Dev and Production, not with multiple SharePoint Sites and you cannot update Library/List references in that manner.


A lot of the other issues comes down to the "Update/Create" SharePoint actions where you need the exact link and library/list to update the column metadata. Azure DevOps connectors have a way to enter the name of custom fields in Work Items to update them so a similar functionality could be used here since you know the library/list names and fields upfront. I think a this would be a great value add to tool like this, especially administratively.

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A trigger based on content type instead of location would restore Workflow functionality