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Design-time variables or flow constants

I haven't found a way to set a variable that can be reused in design-time. Only at runtime which is logical as this is a variable)


If the flow became complex with, for instance, lots of "create item", "update file properties" SharePoint Online actions.

Why not allow set site Url or whatever needed variable and reuse it in actions?

Right now I'm working on a flow that already contains about 50 actions and this will be messy when I will target it onto production.


So the idea is - let use variables in design-time or create constants.




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Hi @Jufri,


Welcome to the flow world, I'm also a newbie with it yet)

Please, be careful as your post doesn't relate to the topic.


As for your question, probably it will be better to contact MS. I assume if you will try to use Email action from the Outlook connection than it will throw you an error.



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Hi Pavel_Sheludkov 


Did you get the solution for your challenge . i am also stuck in the same contect. I want a design time variable and runtime I want to get my dynamic value to be assined to the action. Thanks

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This would be helpful with the Excel modules as well, like the issue posted here