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DevOps Release Management

I could not find a trigger for when an Azure DevOps / TFS Release Management Deployment completes.  There appears to be one for the Build, but not the Release Deployment.  A trigger would prove useful for providing notifications to a group in MS Teams about a failure.  This allows for alternative forms of notification other than just e-mail.


Also, since it appears that Flow supports "approval flows", are there any plans to allow Deployment approvals to be made through it?  It would afford another opportunity to get away from the e-mail.

Status: New

Totally agree with this. Currently the only way I've found to get this type of behavior is to have an Azure DevOps notification send me an email when a specific release succeeds in a specific environment, and then have a Flow trigger looking for that specific email. It's not ideal, a trigger for DevOp releases would be awesome.

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We need this!

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Absolutely vital

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This would be incredibly useful. Hopefully this is being considered.

We need this as well

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This is needed. I want to invoke an UI flow after the release is done. To validate all the UI flow. Kind of UI test automation.