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Differentiate between Save and Publish

Right now you cant Save your flow if it contains any required fields. I get why but if you made 'publishing' a two step process like it is in PowerApps it would be very useful. Do this validation on the Publish so that I can drop lots of actions in the right places and still save my Flow. 

Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, this is a great idea.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, this is a great idea.

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It looks like there hasn't been much action on this for more than a year. Any progress? It is so annoying to lose work because I can't save a step that isn't quite working yet.

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This is so simple but absolutely necessary. If I'm creating/modifying my flow and have to pause/quit midway for whatever reason, I can't save until I "resolve" all the errors. Save/Publish is already avail for PowerApps. 

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Almost 1.5 years ago since any kind of update on this really well needed idea, any updates on this?


Did a small change yesterday on a quite large flow and could not save where I had to spend a good hour in the middle of the night just to be able to save the flow. Would be a life saver to have the ability to be able to save incomplete flows. 😉 🙄


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So frustrating to lose all of my editing because I can't freakin' save my flow when it's not 100% working. Give me a break. That is total BS.

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This feature is a must!  It would be less stressful when you coming to the end of your day and can't save cause of something not correct or missing.  This got my vote!

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@Stephen Hello Stephen, 


Do you have any new information since this has been posted since 2018? I have been affected by the "not saving due to errors" issue, where I have lost days of working on flows only to have my computer reboot and lost everything. To me, saving would be one of the basic functions of any application. What workarounds can you provide until this basic function is fixed? 


Thank you

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I agree with @sdaniel 

This has been an ongoing issue. You really need to allow people to save flows that are not yet "ready."

Requiring every action to be completely 'good' is killing me.


An alternative to a Save\Publish differentiation I'd settle for allowing us to mark an action as "Inactive" so that we could mark certain actions so that they would not be included in the current 'validation' that is keeping us from saving. 

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I work in a large institution and help create flows for others to improve efficiency. If I were able to create the outline of the flow, save it and send it to the person who will be using it so that they could fill the fields and make the connections inside their mailbox, it would be extremely helpful.

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our company switched  from Nintex to Powerautomate( because our managers where told that it's for free with the M365 licence harhar).

In the direct comparison you think that Powerautomate was not designed for business needs, just for "move my email from here to there). Missing differentiation between save and publish, and the missing possibility to save invalid flows during development speaks for that. And MS does not really listen to its customers as this thread from 2018 shows.