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Digitally signed emails (S/MIME) do not trigger

Currently Microsoft Flow cannot handle digitally signed email (eg. to extract content or attachments like PDF)

The trigger "when a new email arrives in a Shared mailbox" won't fire if you select Has Attachment = YES (I suppose "when a new email arrives in mailbox" will not fire in the same case).

The encoding of digitally signed emails is different (MIME, S/MIME) and the connector actually does not properly decode that.
So the content is unreadable to the Flow.

The product team confirmed this and will update the documentation to reveal the limitation.

Actually, there is no plan from the team to support that kind of emails.


Please vote for that "feature" to be added.

Status: New
New Member

Update : I have opened a ticket for that and now it has been reported as a bug.

No more feedback for now. 

New Member

Any more updates on this topic?

Do you know if there is an option of tracking bug status?


Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

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The case is still ongoing at Microsoft...

I had several exchange with them about this.

Sorry, there is no public statement about it.

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Just updated this post with the feedback I got from MS.
It is officially not supported and their suggestion is to vote to get this added. 

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How this is not a feature yet is mind boggling to me. We send all our e-mails digitally signed by default, so the connector for attachment extraction is basically completely useless to us =(

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Any news about this?

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AFAIK : this feature is still unsupported

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As a temporary workaround until this idea is corrected, I used the Forward an email (V2) to resend the email without the digital signature. This allows for attachments to be grabbed. My testing shows this works with digitally signed emails but not encrypted emails.