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Display Message when Approval Solutions are Being Installed

I was using the Approvals feature for the first time in an environment yesterday and when I tested my Flow. The approval seemed to get stuck in running state. This was a solution dependant Flow.


By chance, I looked at my list of solutions and there were two new solutions in my CDS environment.  So I guessed that the reason the Approval step was still running was that it was importing these two solutions.


When I checked back later in the evening the Flow had failed with the following message - 


"The request failed. Error code: 'CdsInstanceProvisioningIncomplete'. Error Message: 'A Common Data Service database for this environment has not completed provisioning or does not yet support the requested approvals functionality. Please try again later.'."


Which sort of confirms my assumptions.


I don't see this as a bug so thought I'd raise an idea to build in a message that warns the user when a solution is being imported and to wait so as the user doesn't waste time trying to diagnose the issue.

Status: New