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Display version history from a SharePoint list

I've built a ticketing system with SharePoint lists and Flow.

I love that I can display the latest versions of the ticket in email notifications via flow but I would like to have the ability to also show previous versions of a field or list item as well.

Ideally, there would be an option to display all comments on a ticket (including those from previous versions) in the email notification to the agent, rather than just the latest ones.

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Agreed! This idea is same as this other one:

What about voting for that as well?

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Agreed, the version history should be added to the Dynamic Content of sharepoint actions>> Create File


Version History Content or  so

Helper II

I agree, this is exactly the issue I am running into at the moment. This would really help making out of the box a more well-rounded help desk ticketing system.

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How can get all versions history of one selected items using micro soft flow.