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Distinguish between New & Replies on Yammer

I would love to see the Yammer Flow updated to include a way to recognise if a post on Yammer is a "new" post, or in reply to another post.


Currently I'm doing this with advanced conditions to look-up if there's a Reply-to ID, but this isn't the most ideal way to query this information.

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Can you share your advanced condition? I can't seem to be able to verify if it's a reply or not. Thanks!


I would also love to see two different triggers, ex. one for "When a new message is posted" and "When a reply is posted" 

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Sure! After some googling, I found a code that I repurposed...




If yes - this is a new post (as there's no reply to id)

If no - this is a reply


Not perfect, but it works, and definitely a good workaround until something is built into Flow!