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Do not include metadata in SharePoint Get File Content output

As part of the custom Approval Flow I am working on, I need a way to duplicate the selected file without any metadata, so that a snapshot of the file at time of approval can be rolled-forward for use in the next month. Being that there exists a variety of Get and Update File properties/metadata actions, I expected that "Get File Content" would be purely the File's content, not all of the SPO Metadata. However, if I create a new file with the output content from that action, all current metadata is also applied. This leaves no way through Flow, or seemingly even through the REST API, to create a copy without metadata.


My request is that a revised version of "Get File Content" be created, wherein only the true content of the file would be included in the output from SPO, or at least the choice of whether to include metadata be provided.




Status: New